Facebook Introduces a Tool to Bulk-delete Old Posts coding

Facebook is presenting a new tool – Manage Activity. It allows users to delete old posts. You can use it to delete both individual posts or in bulk. Facebook representatives say that Manage Activity will give filtering opportunities in order to find posts with certain people or made in a certain time. The feature will become available to Facebook’s mobile apps first.

According to the company, the tool is going to help you to curate your Facebook page to truly reflect your personality today. For example, you might need to remove old content before starting a new job or after you end a relationship.

There are different options you can choose from when deleting a post. You can send it to the trash; in this case, it will be hidden from public viewing instantly, but you’ll have access to it 30 more days, after which the post will be permanently deleted. Another option is to archive the post, meaning that it’s not going to be public any longer, but you will be able to view it privately.

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On Twitter, you might also want to remove your old posts. Despite this, the company hasn’t introduced an official bulk-delete feature, and that’s the problem because some people dug up old tweets to discredit others or cause them trouble otherwise. Because of the absence of such a tool from Twitter, numerous third-party deletion services have appeared.

Manage Activity is the latest attempt from Facebook to give users a chance to have more control over their online presence. In 2019, the company launched the Clear History tool that disconnects the users’ web browsing information from their Facebook account. But despite the name, Clear History doesn’t delete the data itself; it only removes the link between it and a Facebook account.

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